Hester for Higher

Hester for Higher

Glenn Hester is a specialist in commercial, drone and aerial
photography, operating for over 15 years,


So, how does he stack up?


It’s all Glenn

For over a decade Glenn has turned his appreciation for form and architecture into bold, professional and thoughtfully composed photography.



Larry Bird 6'9"


An actual bird (flying, obviously) 23'

“Can always rely on you Glenn to capture the best
shot of the product awesome job as always!”
— Kate Alexander from Wyalla Studio

Melbourne Central Shot Tower 275ft

6'4" to 400ft

Drone Specialist

A specialist in drone photography for architecture and construction projects,
Glenn is at the forefront of this new and versatile technique of photography.


Australia 108 (actual) 1,040ft


Australia 108 (proposed) 1,273 ft

“Glenn is an absolute pleasure to work with and
Glenn Hester Photography has been invaluable in
helping to showcase our company’s assets in their
best light.”
— Susan Garrett and Iris Qi: Trade Marketing and Communications Managers at one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia.

Mt. Townsend (formerly Mt. Kosciuszko) 7,247ft

Mt. Kosciuszko (formerly Mt. Townsend) 7,310ft

400 – 10,000ft

Eye in the Sky

Melbourne’s most reliable and relaxed photographer can also be found hanging half way out a chopper shooting skylines Australia wide.


That one time Glenn sky dived 12,400ft

Glenn is professional and consistently delivers the
highest quality of work. His photography is
outstanding and always captures the look and style
that we’re after. “
— Joshua McNicol: Head of Marketing, Australia Square

Highest recorded flight of a chicken (probably) 16,400ft

over 10,000ft

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it’s Glenn.

But yes, in a plane.


But seriously.

If you want a photographer who
s out of this world, get in touch.